Friday, August 28, 2009

My favourite timewaster

I have to confess that there are some evenings where I don't feel like doing anything meaningful with my time. I just want to veg by the computer and let my brain be entertained for a while. YouTube is the perfect mindless entertainment vehicle. There is SO much you can learn if you look carefully.

YouTube videos taught me to crochet. You can just pause and rewind until you've got the hang of a stitch. It also taught me how to do various things with my sewing machine, like add an ivisible zipper without the special foot.

My latest favourite though is all the wonderful makeup artists and beauty enthusiasts that share their tips, reviews, tutorials on different looks and general musings. I've got a whole bunch on my subscriptions list but a few hightlights are:

Pixiwoo - a pair of makeup artist sisters. Seriously, they are geniuses when it comes to makeup. They can transform themselves into different celebrities a la Kevyn Aucoin.

MakeupGeekTV - a beautiful girl with great skills (a musician as well as a makeup artist!)

Pursebuzz - she's great at makeup but what keeps me watching her are her hair tutorials, she's great at updos! She also has a lovely website (and is currently running a competition!)

Lollipop26 - she's just an ordinary working girl who has a passion for clothes, makeup and pretty things. And hey! she uses blogspot too :)

As long as you can filter out all the adoration of all things MAC (my budget as a stay at home mom doesn't quite stretch that far!), you can get some really useful tips. The reviews are really helpful if you can't afford to experiment your way forward with makeup and need someone else to test it out first.

Enjoy wasting hours of your life watching these girls!

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