Saturday, August 22, 2009

How decadent!

The children are spending the weekend with Tim's sister & brother-in-law. It was quite odd not to hear a little pitter patter down the hall this morning, it didn't climb in our bed and tell us that it was hungry and thirsty and that it's brother was still asleep. The house is eerily quiet and I keep forgetting they're gone and thinking that they're up to no good in their room.

On the other hand we have been able to hop in the car and go anywhere we want on a whim. We went to the book store without having to play with the train or remind anyone not to run or yell or pull random books off the shelf and put them back in the wrong place. We've had a nice margarita lunch and walked over to the movie theater to catch the matinee. Followed by a nice afternoon nap (I know, how decadent is that!) and cooking for two - we're feeling quite spoiled.

Isn't it funny thinking about what you placed values on before you had children? Now the most precious and lavish treats are being able to do what you want, when you want to and having an uninterrupted meal!

Thanks D&D

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