Thursday, February 25, 2010

My new friend

(On a side note about my last post..... Spring is most definitely NOT here! We had sleet yesterday and right now we are FREEZING. Hurrumph)

I mentioned before that a new friend was blogging with me. My lovely husband surprised me with a present at the end of last year. Here is my baby:

And because he knows I love all things pink and girly he also bought a vinyl decal to cover up the blue :)

It was getting to be a bit of a struggle to fight for computer time between himself doing work and the children playing games. And isn't it funny how the best wireless connection in the house seems to be in my bed where it's warm and cosy?! I love my netbook and couldn't do without it now. Hooray for just-because surprise presents and lovely, thoughtful husbands!

Saturday, February 20, 2010

Spring is here?

Last week it was snowing and today we were out in the yard in the sunshine in short sleeves! Is spring here? It was a beautiful day either way. We had lots of fun with bubbles and Tim caught it on his phone.

Soaking up the sunshine!

The next day...

day two of our snow day was so much fun! we got up early and went down to the high school by our house and spent some time sledding. The snow was so wet that it was easier to slide down the letters on the hill. We went home to warm up with hot cocoa and went out for round 2!

Lily made a snow lady and then decided she needed a snow husband too. So sweet.

It was so beautiful but I lived in Sweden for too long to want it for more that two days!!

Friday, February 12, 2010


in Georgia! I can count on one hand the times it's snowed in the last 10 years. It's exciting and we had so much fun today after Tim came home early from work. These photos were taken early on but we have at least 3 inches so far and we're hoping to wake up and find it still there so we can play in it some more!

Today it snowed in all 50 states in one day - yes, even Hawaii and Florida. Brrrr.

The last two months.....

in short - my parents came to visit, we had lots of fun, did lots of shopping. Max went back to school, we've all had colds (bonus of Max going back to school! yay) and I got all my hair cut off. Literally, ALL of it. Tim and I now get our hair cut every month and use the same products because it's about the same length! I love it though, it's so easy to take care of and quite chic apparently.

Max is doing really really well at his reading! He adores the fabulous, award winning Mo Willems series about Elephant and Piggie and is able to read them by himself with very little help. It's boosted his confidence no end and he has a new interest in reading. In fact, he took one of the books to school to read to his teacher and got a certificate for Action and Alertness (as well as winning dancer of the month, we still have no idea why!) Go Max!! Here he is reading one of the books to his aunt and uncle

I love that boy!!!!!! We're proud of you buddy.