Thursday, August 27, 2009

Crafty post

A few months ago I got it into my head that I wanted to get some old tea cups from Goodwill and do something crafty with them. I am a frustrated crafter... I LOVE crafts and have a creative being lurking somewhere very very deep inside but I haven't really got one talent to give it it's outlet. So I dabble. In lots of little things. Rough translation = there are lots of mostly finished projects lurking around that I'm too embarassed to give away because they're not perfect!

Anyway, a candle came to mind. So I made these lovely little tea cup candles for my friends (some are colourful like this one and some are dainty white china)

Tim works close to Hobby Lobby and had picked up the wicks and tabs up for me ♥ along with some handy bags to melt the wax in so you don't have to dedicate a pan just to candle making. I added some essential oils for scent and a few of the kids' leftover crayons for colour (see, I might be losing the accent but I still can't bring myself to type in "American"). It's a really great, cheap and easy project for an afternoon and I think they turned out quite cute!

Unfortunately I've been feeling gross all week and haven't really been able to give them to anyone yet, something I hope to remedy this weekend, when hopefully the neck and sinus issues will be better.

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