Friday, August 7, 2009

Max's first day of school

He was SO excited!! Homework done, backpack packed, lunch ready in his Spiderman lunch box in the fridge... he had a hard time getting to sleep the night before. The next morning he practically hopped into his uniform and gobbled down his breakfast - we were ready well before we needed to leave.

We walked him into his classroom on the first morning and he just seemed so happy. His first day went well but he was very tired and quite overwhelmed so we didn't get too much information from him. Fortunately they bring home an agenda every night to tell the parents the important stuff. He did leave his lunch box at school so I had to put a note on his backpack for him to remember to bring it home today.

They have an interesting system at his school for kids who get dropped of by their parents. You put a decal on the window of your car with the child's last name on it. After they're let out of class, all the children get put in the auditorium. Then as you pull up to the school a teacher outside radios your child's name to the auditorium and they come outside and the teacher puts them in the car! The first day was a mess, of course, noone seemed to follow the directions we were given and lots of impatient parents clogged up traffic by going the wrong way. But I think once it calms down it is a very efficient way of doing things.

Anyway, enough babbling - here are some more photos of my handsome boy on his first day of school ♥

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