Wednesday, May 6, 2009

When it all goes quiet....

...... and you walk into the room to find a pile of HAIR on the sofa.... well, you know that something bad has happened.

Max was practicing cutting paper with his (supposedly child-proof) scissors and got bored. Of course, Lily picked them up and decided that she would give herself a new 'do! Apparently she was trying to make her brother laugh. And her mother have a fit.

When I finally found her (hiding in a corner) she had cut a big gouge out of the front of her hair, all the way to the scalp. The worst possible spot for covering it up.

After toying with the idea of just shaving it all off (Tim's idea), we called a good friend who is a genius hairdresser and yesterday she sorted her hair out so that it looks decent again. I actually love it and think it really suits her! Thanks Beverly!!

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