Monday, April 27, 2009

Bad news/good news

So off we went to the Special Talk yesterday. Pull up at the Kingdom Hall, go to the ladies room to put on the lipstick I didn't have time to put on before we left and whoosh! Lily throws up allover my skirt and shoes. Lovely. Fortunately Tim and I had taken seperate cars and I was able to listen in on the phone. (Great job Bob btw!) But ewww. Not pleasant at all. Poor baby was pretty pitiful all day but today the bug seems to have disappeared! Hooray!

This morning I didn't know how well she'd be so we popped home and picked up the stroller and headed down to the River Walk for a nice, brisk 3.5 mile walk. The weather is so beautiful in the mornings. When it's hot during the day it seems a shame to waste the lovely cool mornings, so we took full advantage of it. Apart from not being able to play at the playground due to a creepy homeless man making it his bed for the morning.... we had a great time.

Lily is the perfect walking partner, as soon as I slowed even a little, she started cheering "go mummy go!" bringing a smile to lots of faces that we passed on the way.

Doesn't she look much healthier today? Hopefully this is the end of sickness in our house for a good long while.

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