Wednesday, March 18, 2009

Yay Max!

In other family news..... Max has been accepted to a very good magnet school! You are assigned a school according to which school district you live in but Macon has three magnet elementary schools that anyone can apply to go to, then they have a lottery to pick the lucky students. We put in an application to the Science and the Art magnet schools. We aren't in a very good district so you can imagine our relief that he got a reply from the Art school telling him he'd been accepted!!

Each subject at his new school is taught by a teacher with a degree in art integration - meaning that they encourage learning through visual and auditory means rather than sitting at a desk reading from a text book. They have one extra class a day - with art, singing, music lessons or dancing to choose from. The atmosphere is very fun and their test results seem to show that their methods work. Max seems quite excited about it too and he will get to see the school for himself when he goes for his interview next Friday.

His teacher wrote him a beautiful letter of recommendation. Well done buddy, we're proud of you!


    We are all very proud of you. Hope you will love your new school!

  2. That is SO AWESOME!!! I am completely jealous. Liam does well in school but I know he would do a million times better in a place like that. I am so excited for you!