Saturday, March 28, 2009

Rough day yesterday

I am such a clutz. I wasn't feeling very well on Thursday, got a bit dizzy and managed to put my hand down on a hot plate turned way up! Doh. Burned it pretty badly and then woke up the next morning (after 3 hours sleep) to find I've got a stomach bug and can't keep any food down. Fun fun fun. Seems like I can't take a vacation without some medical emergency beforehand.

Feeling much much better today, thankfully and it's been POURING outside. Heavy rain and thunderstorms and the dark gloomy weather on a Saturday = the kids sleep in and we all have a lazy morning! Hooray!

So on the agenda for today is catching up with the house cleaning - one handed - that was supposed to be done yesterday and packing our suitcases - just four more days to Disney World!

Max had his interview at the school yesterday - I couldn't go unfortunately but attended via speaker phone (thanks babe!). At first I thought he wasn't in the room since he sat perfectly quietly while the adults talked for a while. But when the teacher spoke to him, he was his lovely, charming, happy self. Tim and I both had a little sniffle to ourselves as he breezed through the tasks she asked him to do and chatted away to her. He is really excited now that he's seen the school in person. We can't wait for him to start.