Monday, October 15, 2012

Whaaaa what? a new post?

You always have to start fresh somewhere and since the last post was the kids' first day of school, I thought I'd do a comparison - what a difference a year makes! They're both a few inches taller and the tooth situation is clearly more complicated... Poor Max had 4 teeth removed since the picture was taken and Lily's snaggle tooth is growing in. What an awkward age this is. But I love em! Photobucket aaaand one more for fun! IMG_0635_zpsa5a18f62

They both are enjoying being back at school. Lily has the teacher she spent the entire summer wishing for and Max is realizing that 3rd grade means that he actually has to try for the first time in his short academic career. Get used to it buddy! After the initial hiccups were out of the way, he seems to have found his groove again. The lovely school organized a back to school dance which wasn't so much a dance as an excuse for the kids to buy candy and go wild in the gym to VERY LOUD MUSIC. I went along as a surprise to eat lunch and then boogie a bit. I'm surprised my hearing is still in tact. Here's a very happy boy eating with his mom - I'm relishing the years that mom showing up at school is still cool!

 And here is my baby girl hanging with her current BFF of the week (they rotate weekly in 1st grade apparently). They were inseparable but he has since been replaced.

 IMG_0648_zps25369aa6 Hope you and yours are well and settling into the new school year. Photobucket

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