Thursday, September 9, 2010

First day of school

Yes, yes, they're totally overdue - first day of school was a month ago. Sorry!

Max is now a first grader (actually he turned 7 today and I swear he seems taller overnight) and Lily is a brand new pre-K student! Max is so happy with his teacher, she has been teaching for 27 years and seems to have it all down. Homework is scheduled a month in advance and perfect peace reigns in her classroom - HOORAY for Mrs. Tyson!

Lily has a friend (Lucille) who rides with us to and from school every day. They are not in the same class but are happy to be at the same school nonetheless. Unfortunately Max's school doesn't have a pre-K program but the two schools are less than 2 miles apart. A typical Lily-ism "Mommy, I thought you said I would go to school to learn. Mostly we just play and eat." I pity her poor Kindergarten teacher if she doesn't learn fast enough.......

She doesn't look too thrilled in this photo but it's her "posing-hurry-up-and-take-the-photo-smile"


But she really was happy, I promise:

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