Friday, February 12, 2010

The last two months.....

in short - my parents came to visit, we had lots of fun, did lots of shopping. Max went back to school, we've all had colds (bonus of Max going back to school! yay) and I got all my hair cut off. Literally, ALL of it. Tim and I now get our hair cut every month and use the same products because it's about the same length! I love it though, it's so easy to take care of and quite chic apparently.

Max is doing really really well at his reading! He adores the fabulous, award winning Mo Willems series about Elephant and Piggie and is able to read them by himself with very little help. It's boosted his confidence no end and he has a new interest in reading. In fact, he took one of the books to school to read to his teacher and got a certificate for Action and Alertness (as well as winning dancer of the month, we still have no idea why!) Go Max!! Here he is reading one of the books to his aunt and uncle

I love that boy!!!!!! We're proud of you buddy.


  1. The Elephant and Piggie books are just the BEST, aren't they? My kids are nuts about them, we've checked every single one out from the library. I still can't twist Aiden's arm to want to learn to read, but GO MAX! That's awesome. And your haircut is ADORABLE! You know my penchant for short hair:) Love it!

  2. I LOVE Your hair!!! I'm in desparate need of a haircut, no salons on C.I. though! :) au naturel for me.... I'm a new granny, so love the tips on books,etc.