Wednesday, February 25, 2009

All things makeup!

Ok, so I've been sick this week. A nasty cold that Max brought home from school has been making it's way around our family. So I've had some downtime. There's only so much reading and crocheting you can do without getting bored, so I turned to Youtube - the ultimate timewaster. I found out it's a treasure trove of very clever girls who are all addicted to makeup. Mostly MAC, some of them are obsessed with it. A fair few of them do makeup tutorials and review products that most of us can't afford to buy just to test them out. It's very helpful.

I read a lot of blogs too, and one name keeps cropping up - They sell palettes of blush and eyeshadows, mineral makeup and lots of MAC-alike brushes for a very very reasonable price.

After reading lots of reviews I decided to try out the Ultra Shimmer 88 Eye Shadow Palette (left). I also ordered a lovely gel eyeliner (indigo blue) and an angled eyeliner brush. The eyeshadows are supposed to be very well pigmented like MAC eyeshadows, just a little smaller in size and a fraction of the price.

A friend recommended ELF ( a while back for cheap and cheerful makeup. While their makeup isn't the best quality in the world, most of the products retail for $1 each - so they make up for it in the prices and you can fill up your whole basket and feel like you got a lot for very little money. ELF also has a Studio range which is a little more expensive but apparently the quality is better. But for $1 a piece my eyeliners, lipglosses and cream eyeshadows will do just fine!

Hopefully my little haul will arrive at the beginning of next week and I can do a review of what I've got so far. Although - if things keep up like this I'm going to need a new makeup case! Right now my makeup is living in a small fishing tackle box - cheap, easy to clean and it has lots of little compartments for organization. I wonder if Bass Pro shop do industrial sized tackle boxes.....

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  1. Oooh looks wonderful!
    Which is your favourite product so far?
    Can you post some photos of how you have used your new make up?
    How about some links or embedded YouTube tutorials that you like?